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Hot Tub Hire Club

Hot Tub Hire Club Terms and Conditions

On delivery of the hot tub or before setting up you will be asked to read and sign/acknowledge
the terms & conditions.

On Booking

On booking we will require a full payment or a deposit when we are not in high demand. Where payment cannot be taken via bank transfer or payment link, we will require full cash payment on the day, after installation is set up.
Please note that Hot Tub Hire Club install the hot tub the evening before on a complimentary basis in order to ensure that the hot tub is working and functional on the day of the hire, when the customer seeks to enjoy it.


Please be advised that the hot tubs take 12-18 hours to heat up to the optimum temperature unless hot water is used. We advise that the optimum temperature is 40 degrees [c].
During wintertime, you may notice a drop in temperature or that the water in the tub seems relatively lower than that of what the screen reads, this is normal. Please note that these tubs are powered by electric motors that aren’t designed for adverse conditions. This means that if the outside temperature at any point in your hire reaches 5 degrees or less, there is a really high
chance that hot tubs heating element could be damaged due to cold temperatures and stop the hot tub from working.
By accepting these terms of hire, you agree that temperature can fluctuate from time to time and that it is relative to the conditions of the weather and that temperatures under 5 degrees can damage the tub’s control base and that the hirer will be responsible for replacing or paying for a new control base and will lose out on the rest of the hire days.


Payment is required to be paid upon installation. Please note we will not take payment later than closing hours on the same day on installation. Failure to comply will result in a penalty fee of £25.

Cancellations & Refunds of the Deposit

If you cancel your booking with us up to 2 days after the initial booking date your deposit will be refunded in full. If not, your deposit will be forfeited. If and where a deposit is not taken, then cancellation of a booking would require 50% of the amount of the cost of hire to be paid We will ask you after the set-up of the hot tub to do a walk around to accept there is no damage
or note anything previously caused, a photo will be taken. Any damages due to gross negligence while the hot tub is in your care will result in a charge of up to £700 plus any financial loss our company will incur as a result of ‘out of service’ time. We will act to claim the excess. This may include a filter charge and / or a cleaning charge if you use prohibited liquids etc which cause

You have a grace period of 6 hours after the hot tub is filled and reaches heated temperature to report any unusual problems you may find. Please note our staff will take photos of the brand new filters, the state of the tub and anything else that they may find relative to the hire for reference purposes.

It is also your responsibility to be punctual on delivery and collection time of the hot tub. Waiting time will also incur a charge of £25 an hour. If we can’t gain access to your property in good time you will be liable for a further £200 hire charge. Please be thoughtful that we might have another booking to fulfil after yours.

Your Responsibility When Hiring the Hot Tub

You must be on site to assist us when taking delivery. You must provide us with safe access and clear instructions. We will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused. You must provide working electric & water supply close to the set-up area and hose with a drainage nearby.
We will need a relatively flat area to set up on. You will become responsible for the hot tub after joint inspection and the T’s & C’s have been signed.

Accidents & Injury

As the hirer, you must accept and acknowledge that you take full responsibility for the use and users of this hot tub at all times.
Hot Tub Hire Club will not be liable for accidents, injuries or death.
Hot Tub Hire Club will not be liable for any accidents relating to use of our hot hubs such as wet surfaces causing slip hazards, running or jumping in and around the spa.
Hot Tub Hire Club prohibits the use of glass items within the hot tub and will not take responsibility for injury caused by glass breakages within or around the spa area.
CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Pregnant ladies must seek medical advice before using a hot tub. Remember this is a hot tub not suitable as a birthing pool.

Health & Safety

Please enter the hot tub with safety in mind at all times, checking the temperature first.
Do not jump in or out or dive into the hot tub.
Never enter the hot tub with sharp objects. Do not add any party materials into the tub.
Never use glass or any other breakable items within or near the hot tub.
Always wear the correct attire when entering the hot tub such as a bathing costume or any swimwear. Never wear shoes or heels as this could cause injury and damage to the hot tub.
The hirer accepts responsibility for all who use the hot tub that they are in sound medical health.
If in doubt, please seek medical advice.
The hirer takes responsibility that users are not impaired by alcohol or drugs
The hirer takes responsibility that users are clean when using the hot tub.
The hirer takes responsibility for making sure the hot tub cover is secured back on the tub when not in use. This will not only stop the hot tub from losing heat but will keep the hot tub secure from accidents when not in use.


If you or the hirer has any symptoms of Covid-19 then you are not permitted to use the tub, touch any surfaces of the tub or any other products supplied by us. Please also maintain social distancing in the event of needing to speak to our staff. All of our staff are Covid-19 aware and trained.

Upkeep & Chemicals

Never switch the power off. If the power gets accidentally turned off or a power failure occurs, please turn it back on in the same way in which you were shown in your demonstration. We will bring you enough chemicals for the duration of your hire, you must use them to keep the hot tub hygienic.

It is vital that everyone is clean when entering the hot tub. All traces of dirt, grease, make up, moisturisers & creams must be removed before using the hot tub. When it is filled with clean water, we all want it to stay as clean as humanly possible for both hygiene and unnecessary wear on the pump and hot tub. Please tie up hair and ensure as much as possible that hair avoids
getting into the filter as this can damage the tub. If substantive hair is found and the tub is impaired as a result, then we cannot be held liable for this and if our tub is damaged, we will require a motor replacement of £250.

We do strongly advise that water is to be replaced every 3-4 days in order to keep the water clean. This is also recommended by the manufacturer. If the water begins to go murky as a result of not replacing it, then we will charge £150 for a call out to replace the water and change the filter and inspect the tub.

We apologies but if you use a fake tan or any of the likes then you cannot use the spa as it will cause lasting discolouration of the spa and result in a damage charge.

If we find the hot tub unreasonably dirty on collection a fee of £125 will be charged. DO NOT USE bubble bath or soaps, washing up liquid or any other chemicals within the spa. This also includes any products which can stain or damage the tub in any shape, way or form. These chemicals or foreign objects will ruin the pump. If this occurs, it will be classed as gross misuse and we will be looking to reclaim the costs.


In the event that a booking is longer than 7 days, the hirer accepts responsibility of ensuring extreme care is taken to avoid any blockages of outlet and inlet. This is done by ensuring that no major dirt makes its way into the hot tub, hair does not block the hot tub and that everyone who enters the hot tub is to have had taken a shower and is entirely clean. The hirer also accepts that
they will change the water and upkeep of the chemicals as instructed by our staff. The hirer also accepts that where a delivery is over 5 miles from Southgate (London Borough of Enfield) then unless the tub needs to be completely replaced due to an error that we deem as to be due to us, then all troubleshooting will take place via ‘Whatsapp video’ Facetime’ or a normal voice call.

Damages to your Property

Hot Tub Hire Club will not be held responsible for any damages to your property through the entire hire period. This includes weight or water damage to any or all structure, fixings & fittings, garden or grass areas. It is your responsibility to make sure that the space provided is fit for purpose.


On agreeing a delivery / collection time on the given date we will not be held responsible or liable for any delays that are out of our control.

If a hot tub stops working, you must notify us immediately so we can be given the opportunity to identify the problem and try to resolve it. We cannot be liable after the hire or if there is a significant delay (more than 6 hours after when optimum temperature is reached) in reporting a problem.

We will not be held responsible for damage to persons or property.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Unclean Hot Tub
It is you the hirer who responsible for returning the spa in the same condition in which you received it.
You will be held responsible for a lost, stolen or damaged hot tub whether it’s minor damage or damage beyond economical repair. The instant excess charged for any damage to any of our hot tubs is up to £700 or the cost of replacing the tub plus the cost of lost hire time whilst the tub is being repaired/replaced.
If you do not willingly pay the costs, we will pursue you through legal action. This could end up resulting in a CCJ (County Court Judgement) which could cause potential adverse effect to your credit file.


The hirer accepts full responsibility of any damage to our Gazebo’s if they are hired or included as part of any package. Any damage to the Gazebo as a result of negligence will cost the hirer £120 for a replacement plus an additional £50 charge to source and order a replacement. Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the hirer to keep an eye on weather changes and if there is severe wind or rain or any such weather that can jeopardize the functionality of the Gazebo then you are to take down the Gazebo.

Our Right of Access

I the hirer do hereby give Hot Tub Hire Club the right to enter the premises or land where they believe the hot tub to be on the agreed date and time of the collection.


If any of the terms in the above contract is not accepted by the person(s) hiring the Hot Tub then any services by Hot Tub Hire Club will not be supplied.
By signing this contract, you the hirer agree the release of Hot Tub Hire Club or any of its employees form any and all liability.
On hiring or signing this contract you the hirer agree to and accept all of the terms and conditions and acknowledge that the use of the hot tub is at you the hirers own risk.
If the contract is sent electronically, please note that by beginning to use any service provided by Hot Tub Hire Club then you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated above.